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President Fiore Grassetti
President Fiore Grassetti

Fiore Grassetti Takes the Reigns at the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO

As of last December 19th, 2012, Ironworkers Local 7 Business Agent Fiore Grassetti is the new president of the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO. President Grassetti comes to the Pioneer Valley as the former President of the Hampshire/Franklin Labor Council based in Northampton. President Grassetti has been an ironworker for thirty one years, working in all aspects of the ironworker industry. He has held an officer's position with the Ironworkers since June 2000.

President Brown's Letter to the Editor on Casinos Appears in the Republican

"We are in the midst of a blue-collar recession. More than half of the adults residing in Western Massachusetts do not have a four-year college degree and there are not near enough good jobs for them.

We now have an opportunity to put thousands of construction workers back to work while creating thousands of good jobs with benefits."

Volunteers got the word out to passerbys about Bank of America in downtown Springfield.
Volunteers got the word out to passerbys about Bank of America in downtown Springfield.

Tell Bank of America to "Pay Up!"

Despite almost crashing the entire global economic system, Wall Street executives gave executives $145 billion in bonuses last year. To help raise awareness about executives, the AFL-CIO organized workers across the nation on March 31st to target America's largest bank, Bank of America, with assets of over $1 trillion.

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New Video of C&S Picket Posted

Steve Dondley, Recording Secretary for the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO, released a second video of the C&S picket in Hatfield, MA last Friday. The video, with some heavy inspiration from the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," shows three truckers who had interesting responses to the picket line.

The video shows how a picket is used to try to shame workers into doing the right thing and not cross the line. "There's often a lot of drama and tension on the picket line," Dondley said, "I hope the video captured some of that. I added a little twist of humor to boot which I hope helps some of the strikers who see it to relieve a little stress."

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Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO's New Sign
Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO's New Sign

New Sign Lights the Way for Pioneer Valley Labor Movement

After going years with a signless fa├žade, the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO erected a brand new electric sign over its doorway, proudly announcing the entrance to the region's labor movement headquarters.

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