Springfield Turns Out Over 400 in Huge Show of Solidarity for Wisconsin Workers

About a dozen speakers spoke before the crowd including students, labor leaders, and politicians all of whom spoke about the fundamental injustice of stripping collective bargaining rights of workers, a right unions struggled for decades to win. "We cannot let these greedy people turn back the clock!" shoulted Tim Collins to the crowd which erupted into cheers.

The fact that a labor struggle in Madison, WI could have such a galvanizing effect on workers here in Massachusetts demonstrates just how important this battle is. The attack on collective bargaining rights in Wiconsin and other states represents the first stage of a large scale legislative and propoganda assualt on workers everywhere. Republicans have taken the gloves off. The right-wing news outlets and Internet spin machines are cranked up to full speed, pumping out misinformation about the role unions have played in the state budget crises and their overall role in society.  Unions everywhere must now, more than ever, pull together and ensure all the gains we have fought for over the years are not lost.